Buffering is used in manufacturing to compensate variations in the production process. The current supply chain needs flexible buffering to adjust production and demand more effectively. In fact a buffer which also can provide customized deliverables like mixed pallets. Think of buffering as a means to ensure that production lines continue running smoothly despite unforeseen factors, such as machine breakdowns. These supplies often include the raw materials needed for production and the inventory of finished products waiting for shipment. Also more and more production is done by forecast and therefore no longer order related. Without appropriate buffering, manufacturing processes would become less effective, expenses would increase and profits will decrease.


Intelligent Case Picking System is made up of standard components. The modular structure makes it possible to build a system that is precisely tailored to the specifications of the case picking process. Every project starts with a thorough analysis of the master data and order data. This analysis determines the design of ICPS. How many stacking stations are needed? How large should the i-Collectors be connected to the stacking stations? And how many i-Collectors are needed to create sufficient buffer stock for a day? Not only the number, but also the exact design of the i-Collectors can be adjusted to the specifications of the project. How many channels must each module contain? And what is the optimum number of packages per channel? The shorter the channels, the fewer sliding movements are required to store the right packages in the right order.

i-Collector Sequencer


To manage shipping and or packing in an efficient way the order pick output out of a warehouse sometimes need to be stored temporarily. The complete order or shipment is not yet finished and not yet ready for packing and staging, so an intermediate buffer is needed. After arrival of all the parts of an order or shipment out of the warehouse the packing and staging processes can start , the buffer will release the parts of the order in sequence to the packing and palletizing stations. The universal and compact storage of an i-Collector® is suitable for these type functions and manages this type of flow effectively.


Item picking is the most labour intensive and highest costly process in most warehouses and distribution centres. i-Collector® has developed a variety of proven piece picking solutions, which provide fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfilment. Automatic item picking solutions help pickers to improve productivity and throughput, which significantly reduce the need for manual labour. The i-Collector® technology is to improve item picking productivity, accuracy and throughput for E-commerce and help Supply Chain Managers to speed up the order fulfilment process efficiently, consistently and cost effectively.

i-Remote® ▪

The i-Collector® is not only an innovative but also an advanced IT installation, designed on the basis of state-of-the-art components and techniques that also have the current insights in the field of smart maintenance and management, from the very beginning.

Our i-Collector installations are operational across the globe so we created our own remote monitoring solution for the sole and exclusive purpose to provide our customers a maximum service and support remotely. We named it: i-Remote®.

i-Remote® is an extension to your basic HMI of your i-Collector installation. It provides deeper insight of status-details and historical performance, as well as extra diagnostic features, flexibility and capabilities not normally found in a standard HMI. i-Remote® is built on an secure enterprise class big data platform with a global reach to maximize remote service and support.

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